Small Updates, Big Results

Small Updates, Big Results

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Quick Reno






Renovating your home can be a lot of things: inspiring, fun, and special. It can also be very expensive. There are some places in your home, though, that yield more bang for their buck. In a space like your guest bathroom, you can make some small updates that will really increase your home’s value.

Let’s start with the basics. First, pick a color pallet for your guest bathroom. Colors like light blue and off-whites are calm and relaxing – exactly how you want your guests to feel.

Bring the spa into your home with upgraded shower fixtures, like a new shower head and curtain rod.

Then: review what upgrades you can make. You can accomplish easy DIYs like re-tiling your bathroom floor and replacing your builder-basic with a custom mirror. Look for mirrors with special touches, like ornate frames and a trendy metallic finish.

As for final touches, keep your vanities clean and fresh. Replace your sink hardware, or spray-paint your existing fixtures. Hang hooks for fresh bath linens and place a basket of hand towels on the vanity.

Not only will your guests love your easy updates, but your budget will, too!

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